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Unshabby Chic curates a collection of playful and expressive gnome-themed handcrafted greeting cards, art prints and other products. Find the perfect handmade gift loaded with love and happiness! All designs are original. Made with love in New York City.

Who am I?

My name is Yen Vu, and I love greeting cards. I’m not sure exactly when I acquired this appreciation for them but I have amassed a collection of several hundred, many bought not only from my favorite card shops in New York City but also from around the world. I love browsing the selections and seeing what clever things makers have come up with. If I come across a card shop while abroad, I inevitably come away with at least half a dozen cards since “we don’t have these in the States!”. I love the ones that are funny or sweet or just plain beautiful. I love pairing them with the perfect person and occasion, much like a sommelier pairing wine with an elegant meal. I also, of course, love receiving them.

It never occurred to me that one day I would create my own cards, but it’s just one of the many ways in which life can surprise us. I did a lot of drawing and art as a child, both on my own and in school, and though I was good at most things, I was not great—still, I always enjoyed the process. As a teen I developed an appreciation for beauty and order, space and color that eventually led me to a degree in interior design. And even though I didn’t stick with interior design, I think it still informs my designs and aesthetic.

I am a dabbler - I’ve tried everything from drawing to painting to pottery to felt cloud ornaments, and even a portrait of my husband out of metal nails (my husband is often the victim of my designs and the unwitting recipient of my latest creations). I love to do things with my hands; there’s a particular satisfaction to creating things with our hands from which we’ve gotten away in the digital age. I love to try something new that I think will be fun, and I always have a long list of ideas and projects. This is how I started drawing gnomes recently: I had an idea I thought my husband would like. I sketched a few drawings and they cracked me up. The more I drew, the more ideas I had… and here we are!

I enjoy every moment creating these cards and designs. I’m often found laughing maniacally to myself as I’m sketching ideas at my dining table. My husband can attest to this. I hope this joy translates to my designs because they are lovingly drawn and nudged out into the world. I hope they represent inclusivity and convey the appreciation I feel for all races, creeds, and professions I try to exhibit in real life.

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